Little Girls Chunky Bubble Gum Pink and Silver Necklace Bracelet ,baby necklace Bubble gum necklace bracelet





Chunky bead necklaces is the perfect accessory for portraits, new baby pictures, Birthday parties, family pictures and special occasions!! Also makes a great gift!

This is a gorgeous design .This little girl necklace measures 17″ long with a 2 1/2″ long extender chain.

This necklace is handmade with the finest quality of chunky beads and is made with colorful acrylic beads.

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***Please use with care and supervise children when wearing this necklace. It may pose choking or strangling hazards. By purchasing this listing, you are agree that Haru’s HoneyBee creations will not be held responsible for any incidents that may happen of using this necklace.

I strive to create unique and beautiful things for all my precious customers who supports me with all my love. Everything in my shop is hand crafted by myself. If you would like something custom made to fit your personal style please converse with me and I will do everything to get you that something special.

Please look around my store,I hope you enjoy browsing through the variety of original and unique handmade , lots of personalized items.


So that we can design and complete your personalised order, we need some information from you. 

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  • NAME – The name that you want embroidered on the top/onesie – i.e. your child’s name (up to 9 characters) – if you do not want a name, answer “None”.
  • BIRTHDAY NUMBER – The Birthday number that you want embroidered on the top/onesie – i.e. 3 for 3rd Birthday – if you do not want a number, answer “None”.
  • SIZE – The size of the top/onesie you require. Just ensure that you have selected this correctly in the Size drop-down menu above, alone with the Style you require – Check out our sizing information by clicking on the Size Guide tab above.
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Although HHBC accepts absolutely no liability for any damage done to or by our products once they have left our care, we strongly suggest that HHBC garments be washed with great care so as to ensure they bring you and your little one years of happy use. Ideally, HHBC garments should be hand-washed or dry-cleaned by a professional. That said, we live in the real world too so, at the bare minimum we suggest that all HHBC garments be washed inside-out and on a delicate cycle in cold water, tumble dried on low settings (and frequently checked), or laid flat to dry. Never use bleach, be cautious of strong detergents/additives and never iron the applique.

Our products are professionally embroidered with the highest quality materials and threads with Head Designer, Harumi Mashiko’s, ridiculously high standards and attention to detail. We are extremely proud of the high quality of our design and production. The items/clothing speak for themselves when it comes to quality and you will agree that you really do get what you pay for when it comes to children’s clothing/fashion. In an ever-competitive, cut-throat, mass-produced, online-sales, world, we refuse to compromise with the quality and originality of our products. If we have to mass produce cheap, soulless, crap to stay in business then this is not the business for us. We only do original, innovative, hand sewn creations and we only use the best materials. Our items/products/outfits might cost a little more than the soulless, Chinese eBay knockoff item but in our 20 year experience in this game, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. We are genuinely grateful for those that recognise this fact and our commitment to quality and continue to keep us in business doing what we love to do year after year. Thank you!

Please be aware that some of our products are made with crystals, stones and/or other small items that could pose a choking hazard to children under five (5) years of age if they were to come loose. Obviously, we do not recommend selecting these extras for very small children unless you undertake to supervise your child very carefully whilst they are wearing the item/outfit. To the best of our knowledge, this awful potential has never occurred, however, be warned that little children will attempt to eat everything and anything and we cannot and will not be held responsible/liable should any incidents of this nature occur. Be safe and keep your little ones safer.


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