Shop Policies, Terms & Conditions

Introduction & Binding Nature

Please be aware that, in addition to the terms contained in our Terms and Conditions¬†and¬†Privacy Policy documents, the content below forms part of the Haru’s HoneyBee Creations (“HHBC”) formal terms and conditions of purchase/sale, including but not limited to our cancellation, returns and other general terms and conditions of purchase and provision of access, service and privacy. By purchasing from HHBC you are making a formal declaration that you you have read, fully understand and accept with modification the totality of our terms of service and associated policies.

Custom Orders & Communication

Although we have many designs and themes available, if we don’t have something that makes you smile or you have your own creation/design in mind, please note that we love custom creations and are more than happy to work with you to realise the item/outfit of your dreams. That having been said, new/custom designs/creations require good instructions. We are more than happy to use as little or much of our design initiative and experience as is required to get the job done but if there are ‘things’ you particularly want or don’t want, you need to let us know before we pour our time, materials and creativity into something that your child hates because she doesn’t like yellow. Communication is the key to a happy outcome for you as the paying customer and us as your loyal dream-creators and we are delightful to deal with so talk to us! ūüôā
We Need Your Instructions/Requests IN YOUR ORDER ‘NOTES’. It is SO VERY IMPORTANT that you include any and all special instructions in the notes section when you order with us. Even if you have explained your requirements in other correspondence with us (be it telephone, email or online messages etc), we work primarily from the invoice and the notes attached to your orders. We are sorry but we simply do not have enough time to piece together counter-parts of communication to get the full picture for each order. By all means call/message/text us in order to talk to us about what you want and what we can do for you but please do this before you put your order in, complete with notes summarising exactly what you want and do not want. If you fail to include special instructions and custom requests in the notes then you won’t get the outfit the way you want and that makes us all sad pandas :(.

Production/Delivery Times & Costs

Current Wait/Priority Ordering

Please be aware that our current production time is approximately 8 weeks for custom orders. However, we do arrange our production schedule so as to leave space to accept a limited number of rush/priority orders and will try  our absolute best to get your sweetie a beautiful item/outfit in time for their special day if so requested by you.

Use the Rush/Priority 'Addon Item'
If your order is last minute you need to let us know by adding our Rush/Priority ADDON ITEM to your order. Yes, I’m afraid there is a fee for this service but sometimes the timeline is such that having the perfect outfit in time requires¬†us¬†to¬†push¬†back¬†non-time dependent¬†orders.¬†Please¬†don’t¬†add¬†the¬†Rush/Priority¬†Addon after¬†your¬†initial¬†order¬†without¬†speaking¬†to¬†us¬†and¬†confirming¬†we¬†can¬†deliver¬†in¬†time¬†–¬†disappointing¬†you¬†and¬†your¬†little¬†prince/princess¬†on¬†your¬†big¬†day/event¬†is¬†upsetting¬†for¬†everyone¬†and¬†communication¬†is¬†key.
Faster Delivery Can Cost More
Also note that additional shipping charges may also apply for rush/priority orders if Express/Air/Courier delivery modes are required to ensure your parcel gets to you on time. We will always do our best to inform you ahead of time if any additional shipping charges are likely to be incurred. Please also note that international (US/Canadian incl.) shipping destinations will require additional shipping charges and you should include our Intl. Shipping ADDON ITEM in your original order if you live outside Australia. There is more information below on shipping costs for international orders so please see that info too.

Pricing/Payment Generally

All of our designs are priced according to the complexity of the design and the size ordered. Our best value buys are our combination sets that are specially priced and offer combined shipping. Payment of orders can be made via PayPal or Stripe as indicated upon Checkout. Of course, PayPal supports credit/debit card and PayPal balance payments/transfers and Stripe handles a similarly large array of payment options, including credit/debit cards and other charge facilities/accounts. Please note that payment in full is required up-front for all orders. No work will commence on your order until that payment is received by us. We apologise in advance if this causes any inconvenience but logic dictates why we must do business like this. Our shop prices do not include shipping and handling. Prices are subject to change and we accept no liability as to obvious print errors/oversights in respect to pricing.

Returns, Refunds, Cancellations

Standard Returns Policy

In the event that you wish to return your order and obtain a refund, you must contact us within 7 days of delivery of your order. Requests received after this time will not be honoured unless otherwise agreed by us in writing. All return shipping costs are to be paid by the buyer and are not refundable. When your order is returned, your purchase payment will be refunded minus the shipping. Orders may only be returned on products without fabric or design alterations/changes and no refunds are offered for products that have been personalised with names. Cancellation of orders will be accepted by us if actioned, in writing, not less than seven (7) days before the order is to be shipped. If an order is cancelled less than seven (7) days from the date of shipping, a cancellation charge will be incurred. Please appreciate that, at seven (7) days from shipment, all orders have already incurred time and cost in design, processing and are awaiting embroidery and/or may be already embroidered. On any cancellation of orders exceeding a purchase value of $100, a $20 cancellation fee will be charged.

No Refund for Rush/Priority Orders

All Rush/Priority ADDON Service charges are non-refundable. If a Rush/Priority Order ADDON is paid and the associated order is cancelled at any time, the Rush/Order fee/charge will not be refunded to you. Rush/Priority orders are actioned and go into production immediately upon receipt by us and have the practical effect of delaying existing non-time-dependent orders. Accordingly, we do not offer a refund for that service as the adverse financial impact of prioritising your order over those already received has already been incurred by us. That said, if a product associated with a Rush/Priority order is incorrectly embroidered or damaged (i.e. a efficiency/oversight/mistake on our behalf), the order will of course be refunded or adjusted in accordance with your preferences as ‘fit for purpose’ logically differs from a change of mind on your behalf. The Rush/Priority Order fee itself, however, remains non-refundable for the aforementioned reasons and its obvious independence from the product fitness as an urgency service. Refunds requested for Rush/Priority orders in absence of deficiencies as to the fitness of the product(s) (i.e. simple change of mind) will not be refunded, whether personalisation of the garment/product has occurred or not.

No Refund for Discounted/On-Sale Orders
Other than fitness/warranty issues, no refunds are offered in respect to orders involving items/products with discounted pricing, wholesale pricing or free shipping.
No Refund for Custom/Personalised Orders

Unfortunately, we have have a no-return policy in respect to all custom/personalized, special, sale and wholesale orders/items, save and except if the item/product you receive is received in a damaged condition. In that event, we pay all shipping costs on damage returns (only). In order to request a return on the grounds that an item/product was received in a damaged/unfit condition, a photograph or preferably photographs showing the item/product in said damaged condition must be submitted within 24 hours of receipt of the order. For obvious reasons, if the item/product in question is tampered with or used/worn the order cannot be refunded or replaced. On all other returns, the shipping charges are the customer’s responsibility and cost. Again, other than fitness/warranty issues, absolutely no refunds or returns are offered in respect to orders that have been customized/personalized at a customer’s request with names or specialized colors or fabric/material changes.

Unforseen Shipping Delays

In the event that written notification of an anticipated or actual delay in shipment/delivery has been made and you fail to contact us within three (3) days of the receipt of said notification and associated updated delivery date/time, that order will not be refunded. Please see Additional Information section for additions/variations to this policy.

No Liability for 3rd Party Delivery Failings

Please be aware that all orders will be shipped to the address that you the customer enters into the form at the Checkout. We accept no responsibility/liability for any losses incurred by customers or any other associated third (3rd) parties as a result of incorrect shipping address data entered in the purchasing process. If additional charges are incurred by the customer or the order lost in its entirety as a result of such an oversight, that is, regrettably, the customers mistake and liability to incur. Please note that we do not accept liability for or offer returns/refunds in respect to failures or delays in the delivery performance of orders/items/products shipped/handled with/by third (3rd) party postal/courier services including but not limited to AUSPost. In the event that any 3rd party postal service such as AUSPost fails to deliver a customer’s order in accordance with its own advertised terms of service – be that within the time advertised by the relevant service (e.g. ‘same day delivery’, ‘next day delivery’ etc) or at all, any responsibility and associated damage/liability for that failing is sole responsibility of the relevant 3rd party postal service and not us. We will always deliver your order into the care of 3rd party postal services and/or delivery agents so as to ensure that delivery is affected to you on or before the anticipated delivery date. The date/time that we deliver your order to said 3rd parties so as to ensure timely delivery to you will always accord with the advertised/guaranteed assurances of these 3rd parties in respect to their delivery performance and policies. If they fail you in their undertakings as to timely delivery/policies, we will provide you with any information/assistance we can so as to allow you to seek reimbursement/recompense from the offending 3rd party, however, we cannot and will not be held (legally or morally) responsible for their failings.

Intl. Shipping Upgrade IS NOT the Rush/Priority Addon

Please DO NOT CHOOSE the Intl. Shipping Upgrade Item and expect to have the order prioritized/rushed – shipping upgrades are to cover the additional costs associated with delivering the item/order to you from Australia – i.e. it covers the extra cost of airmail shipping only. If you also want your international order rushed/prioritized, then you need to add the Rush/Priority Order ADDON as well as the Intl. Shipping UPGRADE.

Generalised Observations re Aussie Delivery

Orders that are shipped on weekends will be shipped on the next available business day. There is nothing we can do about that and I assume most countries are the same. AUSPost pick-up days are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Again, there are no pick ups on Saturday or Sunday. Saturday and Sunday are not business days and they are not included in shipping, production or other calculations for this reason.

Right to Unilaterally Alter Delivery Date

Although we avoid doing so like the plague, we reserve the right to unilaterally change/alter the estimated and/or anticipated shipment date of any order at any time due to the volume of orders, issues in the availability of goods/materials, carriage and/or delivery problems or any other circumstance. Again, we rarely need to do this and will of course do our best to inform you or same ahead of time, however, no reserve the right regardless and exclude any and all liability arising from or reasonably associated with same.

Damage by Washing - Indemnification

Although we of course remain bound only by fitness/warranty at common law and the you alone are responsible for any damage you may cause to your HHBC master piece with washers, dryers, irons and the like, please note that any order that include bows, rhinestones, or other delicate embellishments should not be washed in a washing machine. These are sensitive items and should be hand washed or dry cleaned for best results. Wash inside-out on delicate cycle in cold water, tumble dry low, or lay flat to dry, do not bleach, and do not iron applique. Recommendations only and no liability as to washing methods or treatment of clothes/items once they are in your care generally.